Health Scientist Kayla Osterhoff Interview with Gregory Landsman

SHOW NOTES from Kayla Osterhoff

In this episode of BIOCURIOUS, you will learn about beauty, why looking good and feeling good cannot be separated, and how to best support your skin to look and feel your best. Gregory Landsman is a renowned beauty and wellness expert, tv host, and best-selling author.

This episode is packed full of information on beauty tips and tricks, including small changes you can make to your diet to best support your skin and health. Gregory and Kayla dive deep into what beauty is, and what it looks like in the world around us. The end of this episode features a live audience Q&A with helpful answers on how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, the benefits of bone broth, and scar management and prevention.

After listening to this episode, you’ll be inspired to change up your skincare routine and learn more about Gregory’s methods!


Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program Face Lifting Food show viewers how to create quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday foods to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin at any age. Having worked in the beauty industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that looking youthful goes well beyond waging war on wrinkles and that how we age is 100% controllable. His natural methods are used globally by models, shown in universities, and recommended by doctors.


12:49 — What is Beauty

Balance, Enthusiasm, Acceptance, Understanding, Trust, You

Can’t change the world’s concept of beauty, can change our own

The world needs more super role models

17:39 — Correlation Between Inner and Outer Beauty

There’s so much beauty in the world

Looking at people through your own judgments

We can only give someone what we have

What makes us truly magnificent?

Looking and feeling good cannot be separated

22:57 — Superfoods for Beauty

Can’t remove all fats from your diet

Omega 3 fatty acids

Avoiding crash diets

Include skin-renewing foods: vitamin C

Always pour olive oil over your greens

Vitamine e (powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory)

Glutathione (the mother of all antioxidants)

These foods reduce stress

Support the skin to stay stronger & it’ll last longer

31:19 — Facial exercises

Prevention is better than cure

Forgetting to exercise the face

Face muscles attached directly to the skin

Destress and age less

Incorporating a facial massage into your skincare routine

Sleep is beneficial for collagen production

Pumpkin seeds (tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acids)

52:19 — Q&A

Dealing with dark circles under the eye

Treating melasma (skin discoloration)

Toning the neck

Benefits of drinking bone broth

Scar management and prevention

To explore Gregory's break through techniques go to: MAKE THE COLLAGEN CONNECTION